What Our Customers Are Saying!


"This is a great, inexpensive mexican bakery.  I've only been here in the morning and everything looked fresh.  You won't have any idea what it is you're buying"!

-B C.
Washington, DC

"Echo Francisco -- 100% Mexican Bakery -- All the favorites, including Roscas. 
I would add this is a great place to practice your latent Spanish....Don't be shy, just polite, the rest will be appreciated.  You don't have to speak Spanish, but you'll get the double entendre of the name better if you have some capacity.

For new comers--It's a self-service kind of place--as you'd find in Baja California at least. So grab a tray and some tongs--go to the case of your choice, and load it. Once you've got your sins on a platter, take it to the cashier to pay cash.

The tell-tale sign is the parking lot...when it has plenty of workers' vans and locals autos in the AM.  I suspect many families buy their household bread here rather than what comes from supermarket shelves."

-J. R. H.
Newport, RI

"This is The Best  Cheap %100 Mexiacn  Backery  around Cheap 35 cents  each etem.  fres  just made . Tortas LOL only $4 dollars I drive 40 milles every weekend to get bred and Tortas."

Arlington, VA

"Truly authentic. I say that like I am an expert on Mexican bakeries, which I most certainly am not. However, when the employees and the two other customers are Hispanic, then they must be doing something right.

I can't say I know exactly what I bought because this is a self-serve bakery. When you enter you grab a cafeteria-style tray and tongs and pick out your own baked goods. The names and prices are not listed so I had to go by looks alone. I bought a sugar-coated doughnut to eat during my break from my class down the road. It was okay. I saved the sugar cookie for my 4:00 tea break. That was great! it was really bis too. The last thing I bought (for later) was some kind of sponge cake jelly roll with pink coconut frosting. Its name began with Ninos though. That looks very promising!

All in all, I spent only $2.50. That's cheaper, albeit not less fattening than a single serve froyo. If I lived nearby I'd be here all the time."

-Libby F.
Silver Spring, MD

"They only speak spanish so i was a bit lost when i came in. but with enough motioning of the hands and pointing, they gave me a tray and a pair of tongs. that's all i needed.
the pastries are piled on top of one another in glass cases and i stood there for a good while just trying to decide which one to attack first. oh, and also theres no descriptions or anything so you won't know exactly what you're getting.

Well I grabbed five sizable pastries with my tongs and had to be careful to balance them on the tray so i wouldnt drop one on the floor while picking one from the case.
my total was only five bucks!!!! what in the hell??! so freakin cheap. and i fed a group of thirty-five students with just 5$! yum yum yum. will never know what they were exactly but we didn't care."

-Grace Y.
Laurel, MD

"This bakery is so cheap and so good. The stuff they sell isn't overly sugary sweet like most American bakeries and it tastes a lot better. If you go, since you basically have no idea what you are buying most of the time, I have two must-buy items: Oaxacan cheese they have in the fridge and the raisin pound cake they sell in large slices. Everytime I go, I get at least 6 of the giant slices because they are to die for! And the cheese... yeah, it's good."

-Alina E.
Rockville, MD

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